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Due to staff shortage, we are physically unable to process any holiday pre-orders.

Our kitchens operate 24/7 so that our shoppes will be fully stocked with all holiday happiness!

Our staff is well trained and lines move quickly.

We hope that you understand that it's not that we don't want to but that we are truly unable.

7 Layers Cake

Seven layers of vanilla cake, seven layers of chocolate cream

(Dairy Free/ Flourless/Parve')  $44 serves up to 8

7 Strawberry Shortcake

Vanilla cake layered with fresh strawberries and cream

(Dairy Free/ Flourless/Parve')  $48 serves 8-10

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Flourless chocolate cake topped with Valrhona chocolate mousse

( Flourless )  $39 serves up to 8

 Apple Poppy Cake

 Freshly grated apples and freshly grinded poppy seeds

(Dairy Free/ Flourless/Parve')  $28 serves  8-10

 Chocolate Coconut Cake

Valrhona grated chocolate, lightly sweetened coconut 

(Dairy Free/ Flourless/Parve')  $28 serves  8-10

 Sarah Bernhardt Cookies

(Flourless)  $32 per lb.

 French Macarons

(Flourless) $2.95 ea.  14 flavors

 Coconut Macaroons

(Flourless)  $25 per lb.

We wish you and your loved ones SHALOM on this Passover !